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One Year, 208 Nights Out

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One Year, 208 Nights Out

Postby blaise84 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:11 pm

Hi all,

Well, I'm about ready to leave the beginner level behind and head to the next stage of development. Last night, I completed my 1st year of observation, with 208 nights in the books! It was a murderous winter, but I wanted to see how many nights I could observe in one year in SE Minnesota. It took nearly 4 months to really start finding objects. I started with globs and hope to find the 22nd tonight, going for M3, and I then went on to find open clusters and then double stars. I ended with searches for galaxies. I was able to ID well over 100 objects, maybe around 120, and I found many objects I couldn't be certain on I.D., so I didn't count them. This year, galaxies and the moon will be given more attention. "Turn Left At Orion" has good moon maps with lots of objects shown. I plan to find all of them before buying a moon atlas. I found the "Christmas" comet but struck out on astroids, so I have to address that this season. I'm under Bortle 6 skies, with most of the sky hidden behind houses and trees, making it harder to find things. So, I'm going to head out to near Bortle 3 country skies, at least a few times per month, so I can see more. Overall, going out so often was a lot of fun (excepting minus 24F temps and wind) but my plan for this year is to get to 300 people having looked through my scope and to find as many new objects as possible and to study objects in greater depth. Many thanks for the help I've found here during my 1st year!

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