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The Bubble Envelope for Safe Mailings

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The Bubble Envelope for Safe Mailings

Postby maxxwell » Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:14 am

If you want to ship fragile items by being sure they arrive intact, the bubble envelope must be used! How can she be so protective? How is it made?

Anatomy of the bubble envelope
The bubble envelope is composed of two parts:

an outer layer of kraft paper designed to be resistant and tear-resistant
an inner layer of bubble paper designed to protect objects by cushioning shocks
It is thanks to this layer of bubble wrap wellpackeurope.com/bubble-wrap-rolls that the envelope protects its contents. Thousands of air bubbles provide a highly effective shockproof mattress , which allows fragile objects to arrive intact safely. And you have all this protection for a low packaging weight!

Embaleo bubble envelope white

The different sizes of the bubble envelope
Of course, there are several sizes of bubble envelopes to carry a wide variety of objects . The smallest size is 10 x 16 cm, it allows you to carry small books, electronic equipment (example: USB key) or a jewelry box. The largest size is 35 x 47 cm, it can hold large format books, calendars, games boxes, etc.

Between these two sizes, there are 10 other sizes of bubble envelopes! Some are specific to an object, this is the case for example of the CD bubble envelope (18 x 16 cm) or the bubble envelope G which takes the standard A4 format .

Moreover, there is a bubble envelope for each type of paper size A:

Format A6 : bubble envelope B (12 x 21 cm)
A5 format : the bubble envelope C (15 x 21 cm)
A4 size : the bubble envelope F (22 x 33 cm) and the bubble envelope G (24 x 33 cm)
A3 size : bubble envelope J (30 x 44 cm) and bubble envelope K (35 x 47 cm)

Mail Lite Gold Bubble Envelope (light brown)

What postage for the bubble envelope?
You have the choice between two modes of expeditions to La Poste: the Followed Letter and the Colissimo . The Followed Letter allows you to send a package less than 3 cm thick and less than 3 kg at a lower price than the Colissimo. The Colissimo allows you to send a package up to 30 kg.

If your package is light and not too thick, it is better to opt for the letter rate followed because it is cheaper.
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