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The geological processes that shape the world we live in.

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Postby Shifangjing » Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:45 am

My brother is a college Volley Ball coach. Last season the team held an online auction to raise money to defray team expenses. He hired an auction service to hold the auction and then sent out the team to get donations from local business to be auctioned off. It worked well and the team raised quite a bit of money for their worthy cause. But they could have made more profit if they didn?t have to pay for the auction service. They did get a lot of support from the community Sergi Roberto Barcelona Jersey , but there was no long term recognition of the business making the donations. According to Ken Berger CEO of Charity Navigator (charity watchdog) We find the best fundraising efforts for most charities, cost no more than 10 cents to raise a dollar. As an SEO, Search Optimizer and a charity minded businessman, three things occurred to me. 1) Why does Charity have to pay for Fund Raising?
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