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Apart from these 12 pairs

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Apart from these 12 pairs

Postby usasmokingsale » Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:34 am

Apart from these 12 pairs, there are some others who deserve to be listed too. In each case, at least one of the two bowlers didn't touch 100 wickets in the innings in which they opened the bowling, but even so, some of them achieved Newport cigarettes official website terrific numbers. Ambrose's defining new-ball partnership was with Walsh, but the Ambrose-Ian Bishop pairing was arguably even more terrifying in the brief period when Bishop was fully fit and at his fastest. For example, check out this Test against England at the usually placid Antigua Oval in 1990: Bishop and Ambrose combined to take 14 for 221, and England were routed by an innings. Or this Test in Perth in 1993, when the combined figures for the pair were 17 for 136 and the result was another innings win for West Indies. And in this game in Lahore, Ambrose and Bishop took 13 of 16 wickets, even when the rest of the cast included Walsh and Marshall. Fortunately for opposition batsmen, Bishop's fitness gave way relatively early in his career.

Dennis Lillee's partnership with Jeff Thomson is one of the most talked about new-ball pairs in Test cricket, but numbers show that Terry Alderman achieved better results when he opened the bowling with Lillee. In 13 Tests, they took only one wicket fewer than the Lillee-Thomson combination in 16, though that is largely because Lillee's average fell in his combination with Thomson - he averaged more than 27 with him, and less than 22 with Alderman.
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