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PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2019 4:33 am
by alefrotin
that knocking people out of ketosis so that's the first thing to be aware of it's low energy then there in our breath so we can exhale some but we also excrete some in urine as well and that's what suppression so it is easy to just stop eating as well but I would say that we do need to eat and if we are choosing too fast we should do that mindfully we should be aware of the fast period and the required feast eating but as we know as we talked in in our hormone talk that when we drop calories when we do a low low fat or a low calorie diet and our hunger hormones s othered around food which is which is fantastic yes yes sherry I can't drag them in kicking and screaming hopefully what I'm really hoping is that I can build loads and loads of value in this members group and that the members go out and tell the world and they tell a public group what we're up to I don't want to be salesy I don't want to be really pushy