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Videos / Astronomy

Giving The Space Station A Boost
Europe's Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV-3) serves as both cargo ship and booster for the ISS. Watch as this auxiliary booster fires.

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Voyager 1 & 2
Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were launched in 1977. Both probes flew past Jupiter and Saturn; Voyager 2 also encountered Uranus and Neptune (after this film was made). The Voyagers have left the solar system, and are expected to continue to transmit back data

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Defending The Earth From Asteroids
What are the chances of an Armageddon style asteroid impacting the Earth? Well, there are a lot of asteroids out there. Learn how Humanity is keeping an eye out for this celestial threat.

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Audio Recording Of Solar Storms
This sonification of the recent solar storm activity turns data from two spacecraft into sound. It uses measurements from the NASA SOHO spacecraft and the University of Michigan's Fast Imaging Plasma Spectrometer (FIPS) on the MESSENGER spacecraft.

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Drowning in Astro-Data
Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) is an archive of information from 16 missions. This collective information could feed astrophysics research for the next decade.

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The Stars From The Space Station
With all the wonderful observation imagery compiled by NASA's Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth, the stars can get left behind. Alex Rivest compiled the imagery against a London PM music soundtrack. Star-trails processed using StarStaX.

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