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Videos / Physics & Chemistry

The Wave Mechanical Model
Another dated but informative educational video describing the Wave Mechanical model of atoms. This states that you can't calculate the exact position of an electron, which is an example of the uncertainty principle.

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The Bohr Model
Fermilab physicist, Dr. Robert Plunkett explains the Quantum Theory of the Bohr Model.

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Laminar Flow Demonstration
Coloured corn syrup is dropped into a mixture, mixed up, and when the direction is reversed, the drops form their original state.

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Silver Nitrate + Sodium Hydroxide
Here, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is added to silver nitrate (AgNO3). The result is a thick tan precipitate.

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Cymatics is the study of wave phenomena. It is typically associated with the physical patterns produced through the interaction of sound waves in a medium.

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Pulsating Electrochemical Reaction
A drop of mercury in a watch glass is covered with a solution of potassium chromate in concentrated sulfuric acid. Eventually, the mercury drop starts to beat rhythmically, like a beating heart.

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