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Videos / Physics & Chemistry

Sodium Hydroxide + Cobalt(II) Chloride
Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is added to cobalt(II) chloride (CoCl2). The result is a red solution and a blue-green precipitate.

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The Möbius Strip
The Möbius strip or Möbius band is a surface with only one side.

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Instant Hot Ice Using Sodium Acetate
When sodium acetate trihydrate crystals are heated, they melt. When this melt cools, it gives a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate in water. By tapping the solution, a nucleation center is formed and causes the solution to crystallize into a solid.

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Sodium Acetate
Video of the crystallization of a supersaturated solution of sodium acetate

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Dehydration of Sugar
When you mix sulphuric acid ( H2SO4 ) and sucrose ( C12H22O11 ) you get a bizarre reaction.

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Double Displacement Reactions
Double displacement reactions occur when two soluble compounds are mixed together, and form insoluble products. AB + CD -> BC + AD, where either BC or AD is insoluble.

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