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Videos / Physics & Chemistry

Water Balloon In Slow-Motion
This is a slow-motion video of a water balloon that doesn't pop upon impact.

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Fractional Distillation
A short video showing the apparatus used in this classic organic chemistry lab. More info on fractional distillation can be found here

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Plastic Explosives
C-4 is a powerful explosive that works best when shaped to properly deliver the full punch of the blast.

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Explosive Chemical Reaction: Potassium Metal and Bromine
Performed at the University of Wisconsin, this is a lecture demonstration of what happens when you put solid Potassium in liquid Bromine

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Sodium + Water
Sodium and water react explosively.

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Carbon Dioxide Can Behave Like Acid
When carbon dioxide is dissolved in water, you get carbonic acid - the same acid which is in your soft drinks.

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