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Videos / Physics & Chemistry

A simple experiment that can be performed with household supplies (although the filter paper may be a bit tricky to come by) with cool results.

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An electrolyte is a substance containing free ions that behaves as an electrically conductive medium. Watch how water, HCl and Acetic acid fare as electrolytes.

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Thermite in the Lab
This video isn't as showy as the Braniac's version - this experiment uses this reaction to set off the thermite.

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Fluorescence of Various Materials
The fluorescence of two materials fluorescein and chinin.

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KClO3/Sugar and H2SO4
When potassium chlorate and ordinary table sugar are combined, and a drop of sulfuric acid is added as a catalyst, the two react violently with each other, releasing large quantities of heat energy, a spectacular purplish flame, and a great deal of smoke.

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Mixtures and Compounds
A classic - this video shows the differences between mixtures and compounds.

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