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Videos / Physics & Chemistry

Seth Lloyd's Quantum Computer
Professor Seth Lloyd talks about quantum computers, and pushing Moore's Law beyond the capacity of the human brain.

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2.2 Million Volt Lichtenberg Figure
The interior of an 18" square x 1" piece of Plexiglas was charged to 2.2 million volts (MV) using a 5 MV particle accelerator. The result is a captured image of "lightning". See comments for more info.

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Time Dilation Experiment
An experiment using civilian aircraft and atomic clocks to provide evidence for Einsteins time dilation. For more information, click here.

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Electroplating Demonstration
Another classroom classic, this film demonstrates the electroplating of Chromium (Cr) onto Copper (Cu) electrodes.

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Deflagration of Nitrostarch
Nitrostarch burns slower than its cousin nitrocellulose. The links lead to Wikipedia entries.

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Single Displacement Reaction
Textbook single displacement reaction of SnCl2 + Zn, and the Sn crystals look quite pretty too.

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