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Videos / Making A Difference

Biblioburro - The Donkey Library
Luis Soriano, a teacher in the small town of La Gloria, Colombia, has spent the past ten years bringing books to children of the rural communities on the back of his donkeys.

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The Glory And Horror of the Ocean
In this fascinating TED talk Brian Skerry, underwater photographer and photojournalist, reveals the magnificent beauty of various water dwelling creatures - and the senseless loss of life due to hazards from mankind.

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We Are All Connected
Though we and our animal counterparts may have many differences, we all share the same fate and the same world. This touching video showcases the unity of life on Earth.

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Activists Use Knife To Save Humpback
In this amazing video, published by whale activist Michael Fishbach, Michael, and a group of tourists, save a humpback whale's life after they discovered it entangled by a fishing net in the Sea of Cortez.

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Modern Conflict Minerals
Diamonds and gold aren't the only conflict minerals being harvested in Africa. Other rare and in-demand materials (including components in cell phones) are also leading to widespread abuses.

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Emergency Water Supply in the African Wilderness
If you are ever stranded in Africa without a source of water, this technique could save your life... and gross you out a bit too.

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