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Videos / Making A Difference

Machine Reverts Plastic To Oil
A group in Japan has devised the technology to convert discarded plastics back into oil. One kilogram of plastics, if burned, can produce 3 kilograms of CO2. When reprocessed by the machine, that one kilogram of plastic can yield up to one liter of oil.

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12 Sustainable Design Ideas From Nature
With 3.8 billion years of research and development on its side, nature has already solved problems that human designers and engineers still struggle with.

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Water Changes Everything
Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. This crisis only starts with water, but the global effects of water scarcity stretch far beyond just dehydration.

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The Power of Words
I have always said, it is not what you say but how you say it! This heart-touching film may make you reassess the value of your words.

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Open-Sourced Blueprints for Civilization
Using digital fabrication tools and wikis, Marcin Jakubowski is creation the foundation for civilizations. He is building an open-source guide that can help modernize even the most meager of communities.

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This is Charley
Charley is not like other cats. He has cerebellar hypoplasia. Though his motor skills aren't great, he'll still have a happy, long life. Unfortunately, most people don't know about this illness, and cats like Charlie are needlessly put down.

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