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Videos / Making A Difference

The Miniature Earth - 2010
What if the world's population were reduced to 100 people? Based on current global statistics, this video gives you a clear perspective on the state of modern Humanity.

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Bertrand Russell - Message To The Future
This is an interesting message to the next generation from Bertrand Russell on BBC's Face to Face, 1959.

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Clean Water For Pennies A Day
The WaterconeŽ is a cheap, mass-produceable, solar still. Using sunlight to generate condensation, this device allows people anywhere in the world to purify water without needing to boil it.

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Julian Assange On 60 Minutes
Julian Assange, the controversial founder of WikiLeaks, speaks to Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes on the inner workings of his agency. Continue watching past the segment for behind the scenes footage.

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The Ultimate Purpose Of Life
Narayanan Krishnan may be but a single man, but he has changed countless lives in his impoverished town in India. In his own words, "The ultimate purpose to life is to give".

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Building A Health Care System in Rwanda
In this TED Talk Bill Clinton asks for help in bringing health care to Rwanda -- and the rest of the world.

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