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Videos / Earth Sciences

Tsunami Forcefully Overtakes Seawall
Massive waves overtake a seawall in the Japanese town of Miyako, shattering large ships against a highway overpass and easily washing away every car on the street.

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Massive Tsunamis Hit Japan
On March 11th 2011, a magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck off of the North East coast of Japan - the strongest earthquake to hit the region in recorded history. Shortly after, several massive tsunamis pushed inland, destroying entire towns.

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Survivorman - Alaska
Les Stroud takes on the great white North in this chilling episode of Survivorman. Watch as he braves both the cold and starvation to show you how to survive in this vast wilderness.

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Eruption Triggers Lava Geysers
The Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii has just opened up a new vent, triggering lava geysers and large lava flows.

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Survivorman - Australian Outback
In this segment of Survivorman, Les Stroud heads to the remote outback of Australia. Despite the exotic local, this trip to the downunder is far from a vacation.

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Nyiragongo Lava Lake
The Nyiragongo lava lake is located near the Congo/Rwanda border. This footage was shot in 2005 during the filming of the Angry Planet TV series.

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