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Videos / Biology & Medicine

What Is The Line Between Life And Not-Life?
Martin Hanczyc spends his time making protocells. These experimental globs of chemicals actually behave like living cells and may simulate how life began on Earth and (maybe) elsewhere.

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Oxytocin - The Molecule Of Morality
Neuroeconomist Paul Zak discusses why he believes that the chemical oxytocin is responsible for the physical feelings of trust, empathy, and more.

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Otter Pups Swimming Lesson
Great video on how the mother otter teaches her young how to swim and eventually dive underwater.

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Deaf Woman Hears For First Time
In this amazing video a woman experiences the sense of hearing for her first time. Just prior to this film she received a cochlear implant, a surgically implanted device that allows many hearing impaired individuals to regain this sense.

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YouTube Videos Decoded From Brain Activity
UC Berkeley scientists have developed the technology to capture the visual activity in human brains and then recompile it as digital video clips. One day, this could record your dreams.

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Combating A Contagious Cancer
What is killing the Tasmanian devil? A virulent cancer is infecting them by the thousands - and unlike most cancers, it's contagious. Find how how the study of this contagious variety in animals is reshaping our understanding of cancer as a whole.

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