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Videos / Mathematics

Doodling In Math Class: Infinity Elephants
An interesting explanation of fractals and drawing them.

  • Currently /5 Stars.
What Pi Sounds Like
This is a very well done video on a musical composition made from the number Pi, to 31 decimal places.

  • Currently /5 Stars.
Yoshimoto Cube
The transformation of two stellated rhombic dodecahedrons from a cube. In other words - this cube does more than meets the eye.

  • Currently /5 Stars.
Mandelbrot Set Zoom
A zoom into the Mandelbrot Set, from 1:1 scale to a 6th-level mini-set. Set to Jonathan Coulton's song "Mandelbrot Set".

  • Currently /5 Stars.
Nature By Numbers
An educational information graphics animation about the fascinating occurrences of mathematical concepts in nature.

  • Currently /5 Stars.
Benoit Mandelbrot: Fractals and the Art of Roughness
Mathematics legend Benoit Mandelbrot discusses the extreme complexity of roughness, and the way that fractal math can find order within patterns that seem unknowably complicated.

  • Currently /5 Stars.