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Articles / Flora and Fauna

Satellite Reveals Emperor Penguin Population Growth
  • Currently 2.6898954703833/5 Stars.
The first space-based count-up of the emperor penguin population in Antarctica yields some fascinating numbers.
Fukushima Fallout Reaches California Coastline
  • Currently 2.6727272727273/5 Stars.
Radioactive iodine from Fukushima has been detected in vegetation on the California end of the Pacific Ocean.
Denver Zoo Turns Waste Into Energy
  • Currently 2.5775480059084/5 Stars.
The people at the Denver Zoo have started using feces-powered rickshaws and are hoping for animal and human waste to contribute 90% of its energy in the near future.
Do Birds Have Built In Heads-Up Displays?
  • Currently 2.6462140992167/5 Stars.
Are the navigational abilities of birds even cooler than we imagined ?
Most Chimpanzee Tests No Longer Necessary
  • Currently 2.7148760330579/5 Stars.
It appears there is very little reason to use our closest genetic relatives as test subjects anymore.
Russians and Japanese See Possibility of Cloning a Mammoth
  • Currently 2.6432835820896/5 Stars.
After mammoth remains with well-preserved marrow have been found in SIberia, Russian and Japanese scientists see the possibility of cloning a living and breathing mammoth
Wetapunga - The World's Largest Insect
  • Currently 2.6577086280057/5 Stars.
Who would say no to a 6-legged kitten?
Should Bulldogs Be Genetically Altered ?
  • Currently 2.6605113636364/5 Stars.
The Humane Society of the United States wants to genetically alter the bulldog to help with health problems caused by inbreeding.
Black Rhino Is Officially Extinct
  • Currently 2.7333333333333/5 Stars.
The International Union for Conservation of Nature has released its Red List, and amongst the casualties is the Western Black Rhino (Diceros bicornis longipes). It's officially been declared extinct. There are no more left in the wild.
5 Animals That Are Modern Day Heroes
  • Currently 2.6936339522546/5 Stars.
Top 5 instances of animals putting themselves at risk to save a human life.