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Articles / Astronomy

ESA to Launch New Space Telescope to Further Study of Distant Planets
  • Currently 2.6566455696203/5 Stars.
ESA's new telescope will look for planets that resemble Earth.
US Army's New Weapon Shoots Laser Guided Lightning
  • Currently 2.775069637883/5 Stars.
The US Army's new weapon uses a laser to guide lightning bolts to annihilate the target with minimal collateral damage.
Voyager 1 Could Have Already Left The Solar System
  • Currently 2.74217585693/5 Stars.
The Voyager 1 has started encountering a very high number of cosmic rays, which means it's very close to exiting the Solar System if it hasn't done so already.
Galaxy Discovered 12.9 Billion Lightyears Away
  • Currently 2.6788235294118/5 Stars.
While the Hubble's latest discovery is still being confirmed, a recently discovered galaxy becomes the most distant.
NASA Gifted Two Hubble-Strength Spy Telescopes
  • Currently 2.712101910828/5 Stars.
NASA already has plans for the generous donation from the National Reconnaissance Office.
NASA Readies Latest Space Telescope for Launch
  • Currently 2.6493405740884/5 Stars.
NASA is getting ready to launch its most powerful space telescope yet
Facebook Stock Plummets - Zuckenberg Off Forbes Richest People List
  • Currently 2.8885941644562/5 Stars.
It appears even the world's most successful social network isn't error-proof.
NASA Goes Asteroid Hunting in a Zeppelin
  • Currently 2.7297734627832/5 Stars.
NASA goes after the fragments of an asteroid that touched down in Nevada with the help of a chartered airship.
James Cameron, Google Plan To Mine Asteroids
  • Currently 2.7325581395349/5 Stars.
Planetary Resources gets some very high-profile backers for its asteroid mining program.
North Korean 'Weather Satellite' Launch Falls Short
  • Currently 2.666163141994/5 Stars.
North Korea fails to launch a weather satellite that many believe was a nuclear missile.'