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Articles / Medicine and Biology

Educated People Cope Better With Dementia
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Educated people are better able to cope with the physical effects of dementia, and even one extra year of education can significantly cut the risk of developing the brain-wasting disease, scientists said on Monday.
Frozen Blood A Source of Stem Cells
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Frozen blood from stored samples can be used to make cells resembling stem cells, researchers said on Thursday -- opening a potential new and easier source for the valued cells.
One in 10 Births Around World Premature
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One in 10 of the some 130 million births around the world each year is premature, the vast majority in poorer countries where chances of survival are low, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.
H1N1 Developing Drug Resistance, Other Mutations
  • Currently 2.7964912280702/5 Stars.
The pandemic of swine flu may be hitting a peak in the Northern Hemisphere, global health officials said on Friday, but they cautioned it was far from over.
Antibiotic Overuse Threatens Modern Medicine
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Overuse of antibiotics in Europe is building widespread resistance and threatening to halt vital medical treatments such as hip replacements, intensive care for premature babies and cancer therapies, health experts say.
Woman Gives Birth To First Genetically Screened Baby
  • Currently 2.9229607250755/5 Stars.
The technique screens eggs for chromosome abnormalities before implantation as part of IVF, and has the potential to double any couple's chances of conceiving.
H1N1 Now Being Transmitted To Pets
  • Currently 2.9045226130653/5 Stars.
People who think they may have H1N1 flu need to stay away from work, avoid sneezing on their spouses and children and now, they have someone else to worry about infecting too -- their pets.
Vaccine Firms On Track to Meet U.S. H1N1 Orders
  • Currently 2.8277680140598/5 Stars.
Drugmakers say they are on track to deliver as much H1N1 swine flu vaccine to the United States as they promised, despite concerns over production.
Scientists Make Cells That Form Eggs and Sperm in Lab
  • Currently 2.7635658914729/5 Stars.
U.S. researchers have found a way to coax human embryonic stem cells to turn into the types of cells that make eggs and sperm, shedding light on a stage of early human development that has not been fully understood.
Costa Rican President Has Swine Flu
  • Currently 2.8218487394958/5 Stars.
Costa Rican President Oscar Arias is suffering from the H1N1 virus, making him the first head of state known to have contracted swine flu.